Should You Hire Me to Be Your Coach?

Before we dive into specifics, if you’re considering possibly coaching with me I think the most helpful thing would be to hear what some of my other coaching & consulting clients are saying in their own words about the type of results they’ve achieved working together – and what it’s like coaching with me:

Here’s What Actual Clients Are Saying:

“Literally Tripled My Profit This Year…

“I’m doing triple the profit that I was a year ago and I started working with Ryan a little over a year ago…

…One thing Ryan helped me add is an upsell funnel to my salesfunnel… I’ve probably made over $20,000 bucks from the upsell alone after I put it in place…

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“Huge Upticks In Revenue Right Out of the Gate…”

“The great thing about working with Ryan is not only a lot of great ideas… But these ideas have been tested.

The results out of the gate have been phenomenal. Huge upticks in conversions… Huge upticks in revenue…

The SurveyFunnel strategy alone increased front-end conversion by 100%… One call with Ryan resulted in a 25% increase in conversion on our Google text ads in literally a half-hour’s worth of conversation…

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“The Way I Feel Coming Off Each Call with Ryan
is Like An Emotional High…

“…I think the best way that I could probably summarize it is the way that I feel after I come off of a call with Ryan is kind of an emotional high. I am so excited I can’t wait to take what we have discussed and put it into action. I can’t wait to take what we have discussed and share it with the rest of my team.

I think that is definitely a good sign I always look forward to our next calls because I know that there is going to be something good and something untapped there and so I think that just the excitement that I feel about what I am working on is a real testament to what he has to offer.

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We Can Focus On Your Entire Overall Business or Start With A Specific Area:

Whether you’d like help focusing on your overall business – or a specific area or project, that’s up to you. When we first start working together, I’ll have you answer a series of questions designed to set our priorities and outline a plan of action for the next 30-90 days. Some of the areas in which I can offer you the most help include:

1. Building Out & Optimizing Your Traffic Strategy:

While I’m not an expert at SEO, I’m very very good at the paid traffic game. Between Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo Adcenter, Facebook Ads, Pulse 360,, BuySellAds, etc. etc. I’ve spent over a million dollars of my own money in PPC advertising. And I’ve been there when the most I could afford to spend was $100/day.

At the same time, I’ve also managed multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for a handful of high-level private clients who spend upwards of $10,000 each per day. So I know what it really takes to build an evergreen, advertising machine sending a steady stream of traffic 24/7, and I know how to save you money and drive down your lead cost. Here are what a few clients have said about the results we’ve gotten in terms of their traffic strategy:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success Story:

“Where Two Other PPC Firms Failed, Ryan Was Able to Cut Our Cost-Per-Conversion By 2/3rds…”

“Ryan took over our page search model which was in its infancy… We had would worked with one or two other firms and we really didn’t get a lot of success with it.

After Ryan took over, we dropped our overall conversion cost by more than 2/3rds. In fact, at one point we were thinking about canceling our PPC advertising, to getting something that actually works and pays for itself and something which we think we can continue to expand over time.

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“Slashed Our Advertising Costs by $750 Per Day…

“He is so organized, so on time, so right on the money… You just know he has this database of knowledge in his brain that he just has on call access to… I have just been tapping into different levels of expertise from him.

I took the best of the ideas that we discussed and threw an ad in Google for our text ads and its looking like a really solid 25% bump in the last 3 days just with this one idea that we shaped… It looks like it is winning the race and because we spend upwards to $7500 a day just in Google, which means about anywhere between $750 and $1500 slash in cost…

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2. Copywriting & Improving Your Conversion:

This is where I’ve invested my 10,000 hours. Writing copy that converts – and building salesfunnels designed to maximize your visitor value. From 2000-2004 I studied and taught neuroscience at the Ivy League level at Brown University – and have made the science of human persuasion my focus in the 10 years since. Some of the areas I can help really grow your business include: Crafting Video Salesletters, Survey & Segmentation, Building Your Email Sequence, Designing Your Salesfunnel, Building an Upsell / Cross-sell / Downsell Flow, and Writing Compelling, Persuasive Copy to tie it all together. Here are what a few clients have said about the copywriting and conversion work we’ve done together:

“I’ve Never Met Anyone Who Writes “Word Perfect Copy”
Right Out His Mouth Like Ryan…”

“Ryan is really smart; he is very intuitive into just the psychological triggers that cause people to take action. He is organized, and he’s a deep thinker…

I never met someone who writes copy word perfect right out of his brain, right out of his mouth. So I record every call that we do because there is no way I can remember stuff that he says. That and I transcribe the recordings, I mean his copy literally comes out almost word perfect right out of his mouth…

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Email Marketing Success Story:

“Increased Sales By $15,000 Per Week…

“…When I first started talking with Ryan we actually didn’t have any sort of e-mail marketing going with our company…

Ryan helped me launch just a couple of email segments and it was unbelievable. In the very first week I was keep track every single day going online to see what the results were and that first week I saw about 75 additional sales that could be attributed to e-mail.

75 additional sales in one week just through e-mail was pretty incredible. Based on what we make, it was upwards of $15,000 that initial week that we saw…

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“I Rely On Ryan For All My Copywriting…

“Ryan has a lot of knowledge on a lot of skills, for example copywriting…

…I’ll often ask him for advice on copy I’m writing and he is definitely a very solid copywriter. So I rely on him for copywriting advice.

Also he is just very analytical in the way he thinks. So I rely on him to really answer any questions I have about how to grow my business…”

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3. Choosing, Researching, & Entering A New Niche:

I can also help you EVEN if you’re just getting started – or are thinking about launching a new business. After launching three of my OWN successful businesses using Dr. Glenn Livingston’s comprehensive “how to choose your market system” – I’ve since coached dozens of other entrepreneurs through the same process in niches ranging from Beekeeping, Naturopathic Medicine, Drumming, Porsche Repair, Functional Medicine, and many others. In short, I’ve got this down to a science for you.

Whether you’re looking to enter a new industry entirely – or are considering launching a new product line, I can walk you through this process step-by-step – along with showing you what metrics to look for to decide if your project should be a “go” or “no go”…. I’ve seen enough to know what separates the winners from projects that don’t stand a chance out of the gate.

“Always Delivers The Results He Promised, On Time…

“When you work with Ryan, you’ll get an initial very thorough assessment of the landscape you are in and what the opportunities are. He has always delivered the results he said he would on time…

He’s got a lot of bandwidth and he can get through things very quickly. You need to be prepared, because he’s always ready to push you to the next level…

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Why Should You Hire Me Specifically?

One of the things you should be asking yourself when deciding to work with a marketing coach is this:

Has this person made money in a REAL business – outside the “internet marketing” space? In other words, have they made money doing something other than simply teaching other people how to make money?

I Own & Operate Multiple Businesses Outside the IM Space…

As you probably know, I’m someone who owns and operates multiple businesses outside the “internet marketing” space. In fact, I’ve created over 34 products and businesses that have nothing to do with how to make money ranging from a Scrabble® business that makes me a few thousand dollars a month – to the SurveyFunnel™ software business (note: I’ve since sold that business) to my award-winning RocketMemory™ course system, which has helped over 26,000 people around the world in over 40 countries.

I know what it takes to get to six figures and beyond no matter where you might be starting from… In fact, here’s a screenshot from my 1ShoppingCart account of the first 18 months of my first ‘real’ internet business, which I took from $0 to $25,000/month in 18 months, so you can see my own initial progress:

I Know What It’s Like to Get Through the Tough Times…

I also know what it REALLY takes to be successful when you’re starting from ground zero or struggling – and when money is tight and you’re living through your “baloney sandwich and ramen noodle” days.

In fact, when I launched my first internet business, my wife and I lived in a $600/month one-bedroom apartment in Brownsville, TX – 1 mile from the Mexican border in the poorest zip code in the country (really).

We just moved back to the US from China and after spending a few months burning through our savings traveling across Asia… When we came back to the US, we were completely broke. My wife landed a job at a non-profit making $36,000 a year – and before I got traction online, we were living off her salary alone.

In fact, we had so little money at the time, we would eat at Stars Drive-In every Tuesday because they had $1 cheeseburgers. Because we had to sell all our stuff in China before moving back to the states, the only piece of furniture we owned was our bed – our living room “furniture” consisted of two lawn chairs and an 18″ 1988 Zenith TV with a crooked antennae that we bought for $5 bucks off Craigslist.

My Own Success Story…

And if you’re really curious, you can read the full story about my first internet business and how I went from $0 to $25,000 a month in my first 18 months – $500 at a time – on Dr. Glenn Livingston’s blog (screenshot of Dr. Glenn’s post below)

Since those early lean days, I’ve launched, built, and sold multiple businesses… Am in the process of launching an entirely new company focused on offline marketing… And have made well over a million dollars in the process. So I’ve been on both sides of the fence.

Why Do I Offer Private Coaching?

You might be wondering, if I’ve got multiple businesses and I’m financially successful, then why do I offer private coaching at what amounts to be a very modest investment? Well, a few reasons, actually…

First, I enjoy it. I mean, I really, really enjoy it. And if you talk to one of my clients, they’ll tell you they can TELL I enjoy it. Part of me loves to teach (I considered academia for awhile – and even taught at the college level.)

There is nothing more gratifying to me than helping someone get their business off the ground… enabling someone to go from “part-time” entrepreneur to full-time business owner. Or helping someone double their business in 12 months. In fact, here’s what of my clients, Carla has to say in that respect:

“He’s Not Just Worried About Getting Results,
He’s Also a Teacher and and Encourager…

“He is an encourager. When I told him the initial results he was ecstatic. I felt like he was really genuinely happy about those results but even more so that he was genuinely happy that I had been learning some things and that now at this point I can take some of those things myself and apply them to my work and start seeing results.

So I think that he is a teacher. He is not only worried about getting results but he is worried and concerned about the process of it as well which is really important I think.

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Secondly, I also get a ton of value out being a coach because it keeps me sharp. It also expands my testing environment. When I see what’s working in other markets, I can then apply what’s working elsewhere in my OWN businesses. I also learn from my students – I’ve become a better copywriter, by helping clients write copy for niches ranging from Dentistry to Financial Services to Relationship markets…

What Does Coaching Include & What’s The Cost?

Coaching is done over the phone or via Skype. Because we’ll often be discussing confidential results and information (which I don’t publicly reveal), you are allowed to record our calls for your own private use only. Many clients like to record our calls – especially when discussing copy suggestions, because they find they can use my verbal suggestion verbatim.

Before we start working together, I’ll ask you to answer a series of questions about your business and your goals designed to help me understand where you are – as well as identify potential hidden opportunities and low-hanging fruit. From there, we’ll establish a game-plan and decide where we should place our initial focus. We’ll move fast – and we’ll get a lot done together. In fact, later in this letter you’ll hear from clients who are amazed how much they’re able to get out of each private call.

There are two coaching options to choose from:

Option #1: Bi-Weekly

With this option, you and I will have a 30 minute one-on-one call every other week. 48 hours prior to our call, you have the option to send me a 1-pager outlining your questions, challenges, and items you’d like for us to cover together. You can also send along any copy, ppc results, webpages etc. you’d like for me to review.

The cost of this option is $8,000/month billed every 30 days.

Option #2: Weekly

With this option, you and I will have a 30 minute one-on-one call every week. 48 hours prior to our call, you have the option to send me a 1-pager outlining your questions, challenges, and items you’d like for us to cover together. You can also send along any copy, ppc results, webpages etc. you’d like for me to review.

The cost of this option is $10,000/month billed every 30 days.

5% Success Participation Fee

In addition to the bi-weekly or weekly fee (whichever schedule you choose), this program also includes paying 5% of the gross revenue directly attributed to any marketing & sales funnel(s) designed, built, or optimized under my consulting and guidance.

(Revenue from any sales funnels not worked on together is naturally excluded from this calculation.)

The Reason For This Structure:

The reason for the success participation fee is that it ensures our combined interests are aligned (because I have a vested financial interest in your success, it actually operates more like a partnership, in which I have a very small minority interest specific elements we work on together.)

In fact, I actually don’t take on any more “fee only” work. The reason I still continue to accept a small number of private clients despite the success in my own businesses is because of this potential for upside.

And with this structure – where every $1.00 you make in gross sales I get $0.05 (on the stuff we work on together only)… Because it incentivizes me to put in “extra time” to ensure the advice you get from me actually works, everyone actually ends up making more money as a result.

How the Fee is Calculated:

The success participation fee is paid monthly as long as any funnel(s), emails, salesletters, ads, products or any materials built under my guidance are in use, and is billed to the credit card on file on the 15th of the month for the previous month’s sales.

The success participation fee is calculated by tracking revenue through a mutually-agreed upon affiliate tracking system (which will be based on the affiliate management system and shoppingcart you use for your business). Before we start working together, I just ask that you’re fully transparent with any an all metrics and results directly related to the funnel(s), so we can both validate and track performance on an ongoing basis.

No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments Required

Obviously this program isn’t for everyone. You’ll notice I don’t hide my rate price and make you call me on the phone to find out how much coaching costs.

The fact is, coaching is just a small part of my overall business – and I don’t really do it for the money.

And while there are no long term commitments and you and I both have a mutual option to cancel at anytime, because I can’t get my time back – there are also no refunds in this program either.

I recommend you plan for at least several months of coaching when you sign-up, because success is rarely instant online. It takes some time and commitment.

And like I said, this program isn’t for everyone. This program is for highly motivated people who want to put the work in to build a business that’s going to let them lead the type of lifestyle they’re working toward.

Please Note: This program is NOT for people who are dishonest or unethical in their business dealings. One of my goals in business is to operate with Integrity in everything. I’m not perfect, just as I’m sure you’re not. But I only seek to do business with those who have this same type of commitment to really giving value to their customers/clients in everything they do.

Also, I’m not able to work with people who compete directly or indirectly with one of my own businesses – or who compete directly with an existing client. After you sign up, I’ll ask you about your business in my initial questionnaire. And if you DO compete with one of my existing clients, then I’ll refund your payment before our first session together.

I Cannot Guarantee Your Success…

I can’t guarantee your success, because I don’t know your background or your work ethic. If you join this program and don’t put in the effort, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. You’ll only grow your business if you apply what you learn and take advantage of everything I’m offering you here.

This program does not contain any guarantees other than the fact that I will make myself available to you. There are no refunds because as you can see based on all the client feedback, I put a lot of time and effort into each of my clients. I consider you and I to be partners working together to grow your business – and I’ll work hard to help you be as successful as possible. In fact…

Here’s What A Few More Clients Are Saying:

“Immediately Realized He Was One of
the Smartest People in the Room…

“I’ve hired Ryan both for my own projects and projects I’ve been involved in…

Initially I met Ryan in Austin at a mastermind, and I immediately thought he was one of the smartest people in the room based on his comments.

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“My Team Looks Forward to Every Call With Ryan Because He’s Just Got Such Good Input…”

“Ryan is bright, effective, high energy, thoughtful. When I say thoughtful he isn’t just trying to solve the problem you tell him. He tries to read into it what you are really trying to get to and he’ll guide you.

The one thing I would say about him really good is we get on with a few guys on our team and people look forward to having the call with him because he has just got such good input on sort of whatever is the challenge of the day.

Click Here to Listen: (Time: 1 minute 14 seconds)

“Amazing How Much We Can Derive From a Single Call…

“If you work with Ryan you can expect for him to be absolutely organized and on time and really not only have everything well thought out in advance but be able to solve problems, come up with ideas, solutions literally on the fly very quickly.

I mean it’s been a great experience of how much we can actually derive out of a single call…

Click Here to Listen: (Time: 26 seconds)

“Getting So Much Value, I Upgraded to Weekly Calls…

“I have these weekly meetings with my manager and he always asks me how are things going with Ryan, so I report and share some of our insights…

At the time we were having biweekly calls and he said you know it kind of sounds to me like you are seeing a lot of value here and maybe we should see if Ryan can do a weekly call…

I needed to check with him but I said that would be awesome. It was absolutely no hesitation. The fact that I was really eager to open the communication even more and build that relationship further is another testament to his abilities…

Click Here to Listen: (Time: 59 seconds)

“I’m a Smart Enough Guy with Enough Marketing Experience – But Working with Ryan is Like the Ultimate Shortcut…

“One of the biggest reasons why we use Ryan is because he has such a third party, very experienced, very strong psychological understanding of people…

We can then apply those ideas, that experience, that understanding to what we do without having to figure it out ourselves. It’s such a shortcut, and being able to eliminate all of the trial and error of making our marketing work is a no-brainer…

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Here’s How to Sign-Up Now

Spots are made available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the order links below have been disabled, then it means that I’m currently fully-booked up. If spots are available, simply choose whether you’d like to sign up for the weekly or bi-weekly option below.

NOTE: After clicking one of the links below, you’ll be redirected to a checkout page where you will be asked to enter your billing information. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions for setting up our first session as well as my private email address. I’ll also ask you to answer a series of starter questions to help me understand your current business and your goals to kick-start our work together.

Coaching Slots Are Currently Filled Up

If you’d like to be notified the next time a spot becomes available, please add your name to the priority notification list below. (Because spots often fill up quickly – and can sometimes take months to open, it’s a good idea to add yourself to the list even if you’re just possibly interested.)


I’m very much looking forward to working together.

Ryan LevesqueMy warmest regards,

Ryan Levesque

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.